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Screenshot from the next version in development.

Adamaix skin.png
Adamaix's new skin
TMW Screenshot 63.png
Booth's Event

Version (9 June 2009)
- Added the ability to change your password after logging in
- The leader of a party is now displayed in bold
- Status window was reorganized to allow larger numbers to be displayed
- The client no longer quits when it can't find the current map
- Fixed position of floating text for damage, pickup and experience
- Fixed a possible crash on logging in to the map server
- Fixed the crash when shift-clicking an item in the inventory
- Fixed a crash related to item links in the chat window
- Fixed a crash on whispering somebody again after closing their tab
- Fixed lightspeed bug when stopping to attack
- Fixed the -S/--home-dir command line option
- Fixed Reset Windows to also reset the party window
- Fixed problems with the context menu in the Brazilian translation
- Fixed resetting the height of the chat on /clear
- Fixed playing of login song and the music after login
- Fixed a problem with the player skipping corners, desyncing from the server
- Small optimizations to OpenGL mode when drawing certain GUI widgets
- Updated Spanish, Polish, Portugese, Swedish, French and German translation

Version 0.0.29+patch

Screenshot from unofficial patch releases.

TMW Screenshot 24.png
QOALs modified client 0.0.29.Q

Version 0.0.29

0.0.29 (13 May 2009)
- Added support for dynamic emotes and a new way to select them
- Added speech balloons that wrap the text
- Added item popup for showing detailed information
- Added ability to refer to items in chat
- Added the ability to see your own name in game
- Added the option to hide player names
- Added support for dynamically defined weight unit and currency
- Added support for NPC item storage
- Added compile-time support for tmwserv, as an alternative to eAthena
- Added support for entering the port of the login server
- Added support for creating parties and inviting other players to them
- Added tabs to the chat window for party and private chats
- Added ability to set initial player attributes when creating a new character
- Added command line option to temporarily disable OpenGL (--no-opengl)
- Added support for showing arrows flying through the air
- Added option to show pickup as text particle instead of in the chat
- Added ability to change the font size
- Added support for the /me command to do actions
- Added a /present command to show players present in the area
- Added ability to record the chatlog to a file
- Made emote shortcuts customizable in more detail
- Made it possible to change resolution
- Made many colors used by the game configurable
- Made setup window available during login
- Dynamically generate the item effects description
- Minimap can now be told to stay on the screen
- Minimap now adapts to the scale and size of the minimap image
- Non-stackable items can now be sold more easily
- Login dialog now remembers the list of recently used servers
- Completely rewritten NPC interaction
- GUI opacity now effects the whole user interface
- Redesigned the trade window
- Redesigned equipment window and allow unequip from there
- Next level percentage is now displayed in hundredths
- The player will no longer walk away when clicking the map while sitting
- Keep the login screen from taking 100% CPU
- No longer prompt for character server when there is only one
- Fixed compilation with GCC 4.4
- Fixed scroll wheel handling and dragging glitches in lists
- Many more bug fixes, small improvements and code cleanups
- Updated German, Finnish, Croatian, French, Spanish, Swedish and Polish
Screenshot partysystem.png
Party system
Putting Things in Storage at the twins' bank
TMW Screenshot 2.png
Mana World 0.0.29.PNG
Hurnscald Woodlands

Version (12 February 2009)
- Enabled translations on Windows
- Added command line option to set home directory path
- Tweaked green chat color to be a bit more readable
- Made font size configurable in the config file
- Fixed restoring of punching animation after weapon removal
- Fixed inability to chat while talking to NPCs
- Updated German, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish and Polish translations

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.28

0.0.28 (25 January 2009)
- Added support for animated map tiles
- Added support for internationalization, plus many translations
- Added support for TrueType fonts
- Trade window is now resizable
- Obscure precise home directory name when making screenshots
- Fixed follow-parent of nested and being-following particle emitters
TMW Screenshot 15.png
TTF font rendering and speech bubbles


Version 0.0.27

0.0.27 (9 December 2008)
- Added support for showing map name above minimap
- Added showing how long the ban is when banned
- Added --data parameter for developers
- Added particle effect for critical hits
- Added support for dynamic skill names and hair colors
- Added support for status effects
- Added ability to add equipment to the shortcut bar
- Added ability to change configuration during login phase (from Aethyra)
- Mouse cursor will now hide when not used for some time
- Inventory window now displays amount of slots used
- Center minimap on player when it is larger than the minimap window
- Extended particle emitters with properties that can change over time
- Extended the GUI font to support more characters
- Only require a restart to switch to full screen with OpenGL on Windows
- Make sure news and update file list aren't cached (from Aethyra)
- Made NPC dialogs resizable (from Aethyra)
- Made window shortcuts configurable
- Fixed visibility of trade window on startup
- Fixed a client input freeze when closing NPC script from server
- Fixed dead players to lie on the ground instead of standing around
- Fixed shortcuts being activated when trade window was visible
- Fixed a crash when equipment window is open
- Fixed money value on failing to buy (from Aethyra)
- Fixed crash in right-click menu when used after a being disappeared

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.26

0.0.26 (29 August 2008)
- Added support for a newer version of eAthena server
- Added support for showing custom being effects
- Added new features to the particle engine
- Position names and chat such that there is no overlap, when possible
- Fixed a crash when loading a corrupt map that has too much layer data
TMW Screenshot 8.png
Showing off all the new content since 0.0.23

Version 0.0.25

0.0.25 (27 July 2008)
- Added support for whispering to other players
- Added ability to ignore other players
- Added command line argument for specifying the update host (-H)
- Added support for receiving the update host from the server
- Added support for displaying a shield sprite
- Added shortcut window, allowing you to quickly access inventory items
- Added message when gaining money from trade or quest
- Added support for an arbitrary number of map layers
- Added support for basing one sprite definition on another
- Added the possibility to assign particle effects to NPCs
- Added remembering whether windows are visible or not
- Updated to work with Guichan 0.8.x
- Improved accuracy of monster targeting with the mouse
- Page up and page down will now scroll the chat window
- Item icons are now loaded on demand and unloaded when no longer used
- Fixed display of critical hits
- Fixed multi-channel image dyeing
- Fixed updating of money display after buying

No screenshots available.

Version (7 April 2008)
- Added /clear command to clear chat window
- Added ability to close quit dialog by pressing ESC
- Added key for targetting nearest player
- Added the possibility to assign particle effects to monsters
- Added possibility to pass through players with key controls
- Fixed crash on exit after connection to server was lost
- Fixed initialization of some variables
- Fixed an error with chat messages without a sender that include a colon
- Fixed minimap to not keep reappearing when hidden
- Fixed a GCC 4.3 compile error
- Fixed music loading from non-default location
- Fixed crash on trying to show out of range emoticon
- Updated Dev-C++ and Code::Blocks project files

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.24+svn

Screenshot from the next version in development.

TMW Screenshot 6.png
The HMC guys are testing the new client and server