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In Game

  • Nard, Nardis, CRC_Nard, variations on name Nard, Bossa, Lafayette Clothes...
  • My feminine side: Luxima, Ruby Red, Heliantine, Salade, Tomate, Gallerie Lafayette...

Cast #inwilt to know level


Crew of Red Corsair: (captain)

About Me

I live In France, near Paris.

Professional skills
  • Mathematics and most Physics, Mechanics, Acoustics up to master/Engineer level
  • Specialties: Material sciences, Continuum Mechanics (Computing,FEM), Acoustics, some Statistics and Probability theory. Experimental methods usage including microscopy and image processing.
  • Some computer science skills ( various languages, system and network administration, MacOs).
Semi-professional skills
  • Acoustic music playing:
    • Woodwinds: Saxophones, Clarinet, Flutes.
    • Doublebass.
    • Band leader and conductor.
  • Arranging simple pieces. (Brass bands, Jazz & Latin Bands).
  • Recording
  • Computer music:
    • Sequencing
    • Synthesizer sound programming, Sound design
    • Digital recording and sound processing
    • Score editing, music publishing.
  • Cooking: P

working on:


Magic in TMW
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World Map Update: Make the Morld map fit actual content.

Testing TMW

TMW wiki


Content pages

Shops - Shop NPCs
Tonori - Tulimshar

Wiki development

Wiki Guidelines
Quest Sample page
wiki templates
Categories and Page categorization
Category:General Categories
translation to french
Main page

Content Development documentation=

Set up a Server
Map Development
Git and Git hub
Development tools
TMW-eA script reference and tutorial:
Quick Tutorial
Objects in TMW
eAthena Scripting Standards see also TmwAthena Scripting Standards by Kandiman
EAthena Scripting Basics*
EAthena functions Reference (Actually EAthena Scripting Reference)
Special Topic: Mob design
Special Topic: Skills
EAthena Script Sample Code*
Commented Examples (tutorial tool)
Code Snippets (development tool)

Evol online
  • French translation

sub pages

User:Nard/well quest drafts
User:Nard/Elements of probability theory does not work because of missing TeX interface/math rendering
Kfahr, NPC templates
Diseased Pinkies
Hetchel the Silk weaver
Main page
Map Development
Git and Git hub
Development tools
Objects in TMW
User:Nard/wiki templates
User:Nard/Script templates
User: Nard/quests
User: Nard/monobook.js


User:Axltrozz (fairies)
User:Fother/Pixel Art
Heketch Tghelmann
Jenalya'S magic concepts:

guild system proposal on TMW eA: --Nard 23:29, 14 May 2013 (CEST)