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Real name

name: Krzysztof (Chris)

surname: Daszuta

current residence: Poland

author code: IRU

What am I doing here?


  • Some of desert tiles
  • Inn tileset [FND] (but may needs some work)
  • Block Walls Tileset [FND]
  • Block Walls Add-ons [WIP]
  • Port town tiles [WIP]
  • Nomad Land tiles [WIP]-[STALLED]
  • Desert Dried River tiles [WIP]-[STALLED]

item icons

  • Mostly weapons and shields icons

general- & concept-art

  • Currently used logo
  • Halloween splash screen
  • Base for currently used splash screen
  • Weapons concept arts
  • Perspective references and outlines

Polish localization

  • Client translations

Contact info


IRC: #tmw-art @ Nick: irukard

TMW Forums: i

Ingame: Raquell


External links

[ACTIVE] - private repository of source files

[ACTIVE] - my tmw related tech-weblog

[OUTDATED] - some TMW releted stuff

Current status

Active, Alive, Whatever :P