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These are Magic spells, taught by NPCs all along Magic Quests, or by simply talking to them. School skill level is not required to cast level 0 spells, only to level 1 ones (and upper) where both general magic and school skill levels are required to be strictly greater than the spell level

These spells are sorted first by level, then by experience, then by NPC and then by Mana.

NPC Level Name Invocation School Items needed Mana Experience Recharge time in sec. Description
Auldsbel 0 Detect magic #miteyo General Magic None 3 0 6 Detects magical NPCs in your vicinity.
Nina or Ryan 0 Aggravate #itenplz Nature None 3 0 1 Aggravates surrounding monsters, even the passive ones.
Tondar 0 Ask magic EXP #abizit General Magic None 1 0 1 This spell will tell you your magic status. See "Leveling up", in the Magic page for further details.
Auldsbel 0 Make Sulphur Powders #gole Transmutation 1 Pile Of Ash 4 1 4 A resourceful spell that transmutes a Pile Of Ash into a Sulphur Powder with a ratio of 1:1 to 1:7 depending on your magic attack status or magic experience.
Tip: Check your magic experience with #abizit and try to have perfect control for best results.
Auldsbel 0 Wooden figurine #parum boo Transmutation 1 Raw Log 5 1 4 Transmutes a Raw Log into a wooden figurine depending on the argument given. Currently, the only known argument is "boo", used for a Mouboo Figurine, for example, "#parum boo".
Tip: Check your control of magic with #abizit and be at least "somewhat in control of your magic" before trying #parum in order to not lose a Raw Log.
Elanore 0 Lesser heal #lum "playername" Life 1 Lifestone 6 1 0,5 Slowly heals yourself or another player. To save time, only the first 3 or 4 letters of a player's name needs to be typed. For example, if the mage is healing a player named "John The Dragon Slayer", they would only need to type "#lum john" to successfully cast the spell.
Hinnak 0 Summon Maggots #kalmurk Astral 1 Maggot Slime
1 Root
21 1 20 This spell will summon an arbitrary amount of maggots depending on your Magic Attack status.
Sword (Cave) 0 Magic blade #chiza War 1 Knife or 1 Sharp Knife 9 1 0,5 A close combat attack that will consume either a Knife or Sharp Knife and enhance it for a short period of time. Unfortunately it does not deal much damage compared to the available regular weapons, however, because of the cheap ingredients it does make a good training spell.
Sword (Dimond) 0 Magic dart #flar War 1 Sulphur Powder 10 1 0,5 A range attack that is fast, extremely accurate and fairly cheap though it doesn't do that much damage. Lasts for at least 5 hits, depending on your Magic Attack status.
Wyara 1 Detect players #inwilt General Magic None 7 0 0,3 Will tell you the names and levels(only if you have enough magic attack and/or magic exp) of everyone on your map except those who have cast a spell to guard against it.
Wyara 1 Sense spouse #inzuwilt General Magic None 7 0 0,4 For married partners. You have to wear wedding ring to cast this spell. And you can't find your partner if he/she don't wear the ring.
Sagatha 1 Shear #chipchip Nature None 23 0 1 This spell shears a creature. After casting the spell, attack a creature once to shear it. Sometimes the creature will drop a gift for you. This spell can only be used on a creature once every 10 minutes. Creatures that can be sheared are:
  • Fluffies, drop White Fur
  • Herbs, drop Leaf
  • Easter Fluffy, drop White Fur
  • Mouboos, drop Cloth
  • Silkworms, drop Silk Cocoon
  • Spiky Mushrooms, drop Hard Spike
Sagatha / Earth Spirit 1 Flying backpack #plugh Nature 1 Silk Cocoon 12 1 1 A mystical force lifts your backpack. This will help regenerate your health and mana in the event that you are overloaded. You can cast this spell on other players too. The duration of this spell depends on you magical attack but usually lasts around 10-15 minutes.
Auldsbel 1 Make Arrows #kularzufrill Transmutation 1 Raw Log 8 1 5 A spell to transmute a Raw Log into regular Arrows. The ratio varies on your magical attack, but expect between 1:1 and 1:19.
Tip: Check your magic experience with #abizit and try to be as close as possible from a perfect control for a better result.
Elanore 1 Enchant Lifestone #manpahil General Magic 1 Bug Leg or 1 Maggot Slime or 4 different Herbs 15 1 4 A fairly useful spell that creates Lifestones for use with the lesser-healing spell with a ratio of 1:1. If you have all the optional items in your inventory then, the priority order is Bug Leg, then Maggot Slime, then 4 different Herbs.
Mana Seed 1 Happy curse #joyplim Nature 1 Ginger Bread Man 13 1 1 Causes smilies to pop up over the target or the caster for a few seconds.
Sagatha 1 Summon Spiky Mushrooms #kalrenk Astral 1 Hard Spike, 1 Root 33 1 20 Summons Spiky Mushrooms.
Sagatha 1 Summon Fluffies #kalakarenk Astral 1 Root, 1 White Fur 39 1 20 Summons Fluffies.
Sword (Cave) 1 Magic Knuckles #upmarmu War 1 Beer 20 1 0,5 A close combat attack that turns your fist into somewhat powerful weapons.
Sagatha / Wyara 1 Rain #kaflosh Nature 1 Bottle Of Water 17 1 3 Used in quests. Useful for disrupting others casting lightning. Useful for killing fire based mobs.
Auldsbel 1 Make a Short Tank Top #patviloree Transmutation 3 Cotton Cloths 25 2 5 A spell to transmute a Short Tank Top.
Auldsbel 1 Make a Tank Top #patloree Transmutation 4 Cotton Cloths 25 2 5 A spell to transmute a Tank Top.
Auldsbel 1 Make a Cotton Shirt #patmuploo Transmutation 5 Cotton Cloths 25 2 5 A spell to transmute a Cotton Shirt.
Sword (Cave) 1 Arrow hail #frillyar War 20 Arrows or 20 Iron Arrows, 1 Sulphur Powder 25 2 5 Creates a shower of Arrows that concentrates fire on a group of beings and lasts for some time. This spell can only be used outdoors as well as over walls and barriers. And also yourself may get injured if you stand in the area of falling arrows.
Sword (Dimond) 1 Lightning strike #ingrav War 1 Iron Powder 20 2 1 An extremely powerful range attack that smites a being with a tremendous bolt of lightning. One cast will give you around one to five bolts of lightning with about 700 damage depending on your magic attack status. Unfortunately its a very slow attack, however, it will give you the edge against warriors against the more tougher monsters like Skulls and Jack O. This spell cannot be used over walls or barriers and is somewhat expensive.
Sagatha / Earth Spirit 1 Physical protection #betsanc Nature 1 Hard Spike 14 2 1,5 A protect spell that increases your regular defence. You can also cast this spell on other players. The strength and duration of this spell depends on your magical attack.
Old Wizard 1 Detection barrier #anwiltyp Astral 1 Cotton Cloth 11 2 1 Causes the target (either the caster or another character) to be undetectable with the #inwilt spell.
Hurnscald Bookshelf 1 Make Iron Powder #zukminbirf Transmutation 1 Iron Ore 8 3 5 A high level spell that converts Iron Ore to Iron Powder. This requires quite a bit of training and Iron Ore to perfect. Failed transmutation no longer produces a hilarious "Iten".
Tip: Check your control of magic with #abizit and try to have perfect control before trying #zukminbirf in order to prevent loss of Iron Ore.
Sagatha 1 Magic barrier #asorm Astral 1 Small Mushroom 16 3 1 A protection spell that increases your magical defences and guards you against other magic spells used by players such as #inwilt. You can cast this spell on other players.
Elanore 1 Lay on hands #inma "playername" Life None 10 0-4* 0,5 An advanced healing spell that instantly heals a player up to 800 HP depending on your magic attack status, you also gain regular experience which encourages mages to participate in raids and play a support role without losing out on experience. This spell only works well if your own health is full, otherwise it will only heal a percentage of your own health. It requires quite a bit of mana, however, this is a good trade off as it may be used over walls and barriers so that vulnerable mages can heal from a safe distance. The range of this spell increases with your magic attack status. The same method of selecting a target can be applied as discussed in the the lesser-heal spell. However a player can't heal himself with this spell. After casting the spell, the caster will be unable to be healed using healing spells (even by other magi) for a short amount of time.
Ched 1 merge concentration potions #skrimp Transmutation 1 Dark Concentration Potion and 1 Diluted Concentration Potion 8 4 5 Merge a Dark Concentration Potion and a Diluted Concentration Potion(these two are not yet available in game) into a Concentration Potion.