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Check that your problem hasn't been reported already

The only supported client is the official client. If you have an issue which involve your client switch first to the official client and check if the problem persists before reporting.

First use the Search feature on the forum to check if the issue you are experiencing was not posted before.:

For server and content bugs, check the mantis Bug Tracker, maybe someone already posted same issue and it is being worked on:, and for bugs concerning the official client:

Optionally, check the repositories on Github:

Where to report?


If you are not sure that your problem is a bug or you are not sure that you can report it correctly, forum moderators, developers and players will help you or do it for you; report in: Board index » Community » Player talk:

You have strong reasons to suspect the content, the server or the client; report in the appropriate forum: Board index » Support:

be sure to read: Board index » Support » General support » Read Me First: How To Report Bugs:


You are not sure that your problem is a bug: IRC #support channel  :

You are almost sure that your problem is a bug: IRC #development channel :

Your problem concerns the Manaplus Client: IRC #ManaPlus channel:

Bug Tracker

Bug tracker is a powerful tool, users need to be a bit aware of the way game works. Anonymous log-in is possible.

How to report?

Here again the information that the developers need to solve the problem must be as complete and precise as possible.

In Client issues, specify your system name, version and architecture, and client version. It is very good idea to include the name of your OS in the topic title, for example: Windows XP: Game is crashing when... Be verbose, post backtrace, strace, content of tmw.log, versions of dependent software etc. Make sure that all Dependencies are installed and have correct versions.

Respect the time of developers and helpers - use descriptive topic titles, subjects like "OMFG game isn't working", "WTF HELP!", "GOT PROBLEM!" are not acceptable, and usually indicates that the author is a person not to be treated seriously. Good topic title is eg.: Linux: Can't load map file - unknown error. Posts which contains rude remarks, foul language or are duplicated will be closed without any notice.

Note that in order to fix a bug, a programmer needs an exact way to reproduce the circumstances which lead to it: "I had Item X and later I hadn't had it anymore" isn't enough information to pinpoint an issue. On the other hand "when you do X and Y while W and Z, and then you take a towel our of storage, you always get an orange instead" would be a bug description a programmer can actually use.

If you have a patch, post in Technical Development or Content Development: (Content and Server) and for client.

When you use a pastebin, make sure to check the longest possible expiration setting.

WIKI errors: Errors on the wiki should be fixed by the one who notices them - that's the point of a wiki. When the documentation is wrong, you should make it correct.


Before developers release game content onto the official server, they'd like feedback from other developers and playtesters. If you are interested in content testing watch the Testing Server page in this wiki.