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  • Experience point rewards will grant the total amount. There used to be a limit on experience awarded via quests, which would limit the total experience reward to raise you just one level. This is no longer true. Total experience is awarded even if you raise more than a single level while completing a quest.
  • Under the quest's picture, near the level line, you will see a level. If you don't see "recommended" next to it, it means you need to be at least of the level written to start the quest.
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Magic Quests

You want to become the most powerful mage of the entire game? Just follow the instructions shown here and you will be able to be a powerful mage.


When you want to improve your abilities you have to raise your skills (Magic is a special kind of skill). There are:

Daily Quests

These quests are made to be able to win money each day. You need to collect a particular type of item and give it to the correct NPC. He will give you an amount of money and experience points according to the item.

Annual Quests

These quests happen yearly. Refer tho the quests page for date and duration.


Marriage: You can marry someone in game. Keep in mind that you are just playing a game that lets you be able to wear a wedding ring. After being married, a global annoucement will be made in the whole game. You can do your wedding near Hurnscald or in Tulimshar.

  • Married players have an increased spell power when casting Life or Nature spells on their partner (i.e.: lum, inma, joyplim, betsanc). The power bonus is a bit more important if both wear their wedding rings. They can also use the #inzuwilt level 1 spell, which allows them to find their partner quicker when they both wear their wedding rings.

Divorce: You can divorce at the same places where you got married. There is a tax to get it: you have to pay 500 GP/level. Your partner doesn't necessarily need to be online and you don't need his/her agreement.

Warning to Manaplus users: A Manaplus-TMW server incompatibility prevents the "marry" declaration to be correctly handled when you use colored text. Set your text color to default before marrying.


This is a place where you can fight evil monsters with your friends. You will need to invite all your friends to be able to get to the end (level 2200). If you reach the end, you will win 100 Boss Points.


Useful Low Level (1-20) Medium Level (21-50) High Level (50-99) Daily Quests Other
Tutorial Forest Bow Quest Fertile Soil Pachua the Hermit Indian Riskim's Acorns Magic Quests
Aidan And Ishi's Monster Points Wooden Shield Quest Bandit Quest Diseased Heart Quest Imec's Stingers Wedding Woodland
Caul The Alchemist Well Quest Cat Ears Quest Demon Mask Arkim's Bat Wings Wedding Tulimshar
Rauk The Alchemist Orum Quest Letter Quest Rossy Quest Arkim's Brother Candor
Selim The Dyer Voltain's Dark Minds Robberies In Hurnscald Blue Sage Quest Doug's Cave Snake Lamps Brodomir's PvP Cave
Candide The Bleacher Newbie Graduation Short Sword Quest Setzer Quest Mike's Stingers Game Master Events
Iron Ingots Farmer's Scythe Helping With Experiments Heathin's Simple Rings Angela's Yellow Present Boxes
Nicholas the Blacksmith Tulimshar Quests Bone Knife Quest Angela's Daughter Angela's White Present Boxes
Agostine The Tailor Baktar's Tulimshar Items Bone Quest The Terranite Armor Annual
Lora Tay The Legendary Seamstress Ayasha's Hide-and-Seek Heathin's Terranite Arrows Shannon's Bowler Hat
Imec's Petition Feeding The Wolf The Lost Hitchhiker
Anwar's field Headless Man's Helmet Oscar's Pumpkins
Kylian the Businessman Love Triangle Quest Snowman's sweets
Agostine's Dream Dress Santa's Stolen Presents
The Illia Sisters