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Here is a list of the current projects under development. You can see the list of developers here.

Project Team Description Monster Reservations Item Reservations Map Reservations New NPCs Status
Trade City Argaes V0id Assassin Guild quest (Miriam follow-up) in Trade City Assassin Set Scenario writing.
New Desert Area (Tonori) Yubaba Creating Desert maps, area further from Tulimshar and new quests. Snake Lord, Desert Monsters Snake Skin Armour, Desert bow Desert/Egyptian NPCs Mapping and quest writing in progress
East Argaes Jenalya, tux9th Extension to the east, including farmlands, port-city, waterfall area Farmmobs TBA 057 - 067 Farm NPCs Mapping in progress
Orum and Waric Continuation Jenalya, tux9th, mrgrey Continuation of the Orum and Waric quest. Evil Woodland monsters Rose hat, magical flowers 055, 056 Scripting in progress, graphics for magical flowers needed
Barbarian Village (Kaizei). Jenalya, tux9th A village of barbarians yet to be named. TBA TBA 049, 050, 053, 054 Barbarian NPCs tilesets missing
Lumber Camp (Argaes) o11c Southern Argaes expansion. Quests include: Help the Lumberjacks/Save the Dell (a choice); the Naturalist's Studies; ? 035-039 on hold, graphics missing?
Thermin (Kaizei) Jenalya, Alastrim Kaizei area town. Once a large town that mined the firerock stones beneath the town, it was devastated by a poison gas leak. During the crisis to survive, they collaborated on several new technologies to both defend the town from the rampaging Yeti surrounding the town and to find ways to get back to using the mine, despite the poison gas problem. GasMask, Monocle Gasmask steam punk NPC, clockwork armor NPC, barbarian NPCs, generic pose NPCs tilesets missing
Thermin (Kaizei) Poisonous Mine Alastrim Poison gas mine. A constant moving adventure with puzzles and traps to solve and disarm along the way. Suggestions: Barriers of some type, puzzle mini-games (input code words chosen at random, arrange items, push buttons in a certain order, kill a certain monster on the map), a poison map flag, the use of event monster scripting instead of _mobs.txt spawning. Ice Skull, Purple Slime, Acid Goblin, Longjohn, Serqet, Fire Lizard Firerock, 043 tilesets missing
Crypt Skipy,Yubaba Reaper boss quest Reaper, scythe, the lost, ball lightning, vampire bat Death's Hand, Reaper blade tileset incomplete, art developer inactive.
Ancient Amulets Alastrim Five quests leading to different Four-Leaf Amulets of different strengh. Shadow Elemental (1st Quest) Four-Leaf Amulets 024-3 to 024-8 Explorer on hold, developer inactive
Kageville Kage TBA 040 on hold, developer inactive
Hetchel the silk weaver [373] (Tulimshar) bh28 Lora Tay says she can sew Silk Robes provided you give her some silk sheets.and that Hetchel in Tulimshar can weave them for you. Silk Sheet [881], dyed Silk Sheets [2250 to 2259] 021-1 Hetchel (373) Hetche graphics update, 021-2 : add weaver workshop


Here is a list of all the different developer teams. You can see the list of developers here.

Name Member(s) Role
The Mana World - Athena Leader Jenalya Coordinates tmwA. Network and delegate tasks. Increase participation.
Content Lead Jenalya Coordinates tmwA General Content (non-sound, non-art).
Source Lead o11c Adjusts and coordinates Athena source code. Meets content team requests for source code adjustments to further content. Research and development of Athena source code and scripting conventions.
Sound Lead Yubaba Determines if sound on the forums is ready for the game. Encourages people to get involved in sound and encourage players to try their hand at sound. Attempts to meet the [REQ]s of content developers as well as creates any sound that may seem to add to the project, from monsters to maps to battle and beyond.
Pixel Artists Nami, Salmondine Determines if art is ready for the game. Helps categorize art topics. Encourage artists contribute to the game and encourage players to try their hand at art. Understand content priorities and attempt to steer art to meeting art deadlines.
Mapping Lead Reviews maps for the game. Check for proper use of black border, collision tiles, and application of tiles onto the correct layers they belong on. Fix mapping errors.
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