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This article contains information for players or people interested in playing The Mana World

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The Holy Mana Clan

Our Aim/Purpose

The holy mana clan is created mainly to add another flavor to the game. The idea is to have a social network between players for the purpose of organizing in-game events as well as for helping newer players find their way. Prizes for events will depend on donations of "richer" members.

Our Policy

Although the purpose of the clan is to make the game more fun, we are serious about our image. If members of the clan act obnoxious it will reflect poorly on all members. Therefore we have a strict policy; we will not accept known trouble makers and we will not hesitate to ban those who are destroying the concept. The idea is to unite as an open group and enjoy the game under the banner with integrity, not to create a closed group that acts superior to non-members. So be on your best behavior.

Contact Us

Every clan is supposed to have leaders and members, to prevent chaos. Although some of them have authority and some don't; the clan needs both to survive! Luckily the leaders of this clan are open to suggestions of their members. Is there anything you would like the clan to have, something about the clan you dislike? Do you have any questions? Do you want to be notified of upcoming events? Do you think we could use your help with something you're good at?

Leader(s): Sugarcorgit


Crew of Red Corsair

116022 banner 40%.jpg

Welcome brave Pirate! Join us and share a great adventure with the Crew. We do events, quizzes, hide and seek games, or whatever event you would like to organize. A lot of events to conquer the enthusiasm and the passion of the players of this beautiful world of Mana.

Our Aim / Purpose

The aim of a corsair and our main mission is to give you more interest in playing this game and join it's community. The guild is for everyone who thinks that the community is aimportant, at least, as the game itself. We want to give you the best start possible as new or advanced players and naturally guide you through the game if needed. Our guild helps with quests and with leveling. Our journey will be fun full of surprises all along the way of this great adventure of Mana.

The adventure begins now! Join us and become a member of the crew. Become a member of the biggest corsair crew in the history of The Mana World!

Perhaps will you have fun speaking and chatting together in your own language on our mumble server too?.

How to Join?

First have a look to our activities and members on the CRC web site. You can meet some of us easily in game, and play together a bit, so we can know each other. When one of our members recommends you, apply on the site.

Contact Us:

Leader(s): Nard, Reid, WildX

active officers: Natibe, Johannelaliberte, Taree, Derpella, Speiros.

Email : reid at
Site :
IRC : irc:// or
(reachable from the site too : Ship menu>IRC tab)

Or, give us a whisper (using "/w", "/msg" or "/whisper" commands) in game for more information.

Phoenix Council

Our Aim / Purpose

Our primary goal as a group is to bring together the best of the best in the game and work together to provide an enjoyable experience for all. We are also striving to provide support to continuing development of the game through the talents of our various members. We have scripters, pixel artists, number crunchers, and vibrant idea generators. Those who don't possess the technical skills to make a direct contribution are able to assist with playtesting and troubleshooting projects.

Contact Us:


The Mana Empire

Our Aim / Purpose

The purpose of The Mana Empire is to gather players who want a better grasp of The Mana World experience. We help each other with quests, answer questions and are always there when a friend is in need. The Mana Empire has a great community whether it's on the guild forums or in the guild tab everyone is friendly and helpful. Our guild also consists of events, game and technical support forum, a walk through on the forum, different class stat ideas and more. Its full of fun and its easy to make friends in this community. So feel free to visit the guild website below and join this MMORPGs royal family today!

Contact Us:




Leaders: Chicka-Maria, Sango98, Tiapeluca and Kabukikooky.

Manas Sauerkrauts Clan

Our Aim / Purpose

Goals of the Guild are:

The guild was founded to collect German speaking people. To be able to speak in our foreign language and play together.

  • 1st rule - have fun
  • 2nd rule - play and act friendly and fair
  • 3rd rule - try to help if you can
  • 4th rule - always remember, its only a game

If you are interested to join us, ask in-game Slimor(Lil Pixy) or thx1138(sell-mart).

Contact Us:

  • Forum: later, when the Guild has grown a bit
  • Email:

Leaders: Slimor(Lil Pixy)