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How to Help

God only knows anymore.

One or more of the following skills are necessary to work with the codebase:

  • An understanding of XML, XSLT, the representation of data as information passed to an application apart from its implementation.
 In other words, how "items.xml" could also be transformed into other documents aside from just what Mana-compatible clients parse. Is it valid?
 Does your client check the validity? Could you transform it into MediaWiki syntax?
  • If you like to doodle around with a pencil, you are welcome to upload your ideas as a sort of "Request For Comments", either at the forums or here, if you like.
  • An understanding of TMW from before 2009, as it was being envisioned with more of an inclusive and merry ambitious spirit.
  • Pixel Art: There are few people below Genius-level intelligence who can balance their focus between code as something logical, and art as something rather personal. It has to have a personal-level of involvement to be anything other than generic. Those who dole out the spirit of art do not do so often. The switch of context between coding and coloring costs a lot of time. BTW, we use the GIMP and mtPaint but please note that newer versions of GIMP's XCF project format are not compatable with the stable implementation that most of us use from upstream packages (2.8.x stable will not understand XCF of 2.9.x beta). There are standards to follow when making tile-sets, mapping, sprites.
  • Mapping: Map creation has been an over-looked art form. Creating a good map demands the cleverness of level designers, able to set the stage in a way pertinient to the performance: A stormy scene, or a sunny day in the back-yard where things just move around and have fun.

A great map should first be drafted on paper several times. You are not required to win-over the concensus of the entire community as any "completed" map has generally been included without much after-thought, and that is not a good idea, but then again, if you aren't the director, someone should be. That someone must also have done mapping, and know the truth of what-we-want vs. what-we-can-do.

  • Languages: Do you know another language? Translate, or write articles for your community in your language about this and sister projects. Hercules server has support for dialogues in other languages, but this original server, might be using the older "legacy" dialogues that have in the past been a source of forking on the basis of language preference.
  • Gamers: Have you played RPG games? Do you know what an SNES is? Well, then don't simply uninstall this game before telling us what we are trying to do now that we wanted to do decades ago.
  • Lurk the Forums: There are ideas and incomplete works rotting in oblivion, then burried, now useful. A common problem is that posting to the forums "spoils the motivation", even when others try to be helpful, it can provoke unexpected feelings of being overwhelmed or burned-out. Sometimes a contributor drops a topic because someone edits their work, provoking the thought that they were stolen from or otherwise demotivated.
  • Rework the Wiki: Almost all of the information on this wiki has been out-of-date, yet the subject matter should not be dropped entirely.
  • Keep it Alive: Remember us. Pretend we are all here, just resting for a while.
 We left behind a part of ourselves in the making. Art is never finished, only abandoned. some things evolve, others die.