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This article contains information for players or people interested in playing The Mana World

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So, you have just started playing The Mana World, but cannot find your way around? Worry not, we are here to help!

When you first enter The Mana World on the default server (currently, you will notice the relatively clean interface that has a few buttons. Most are self explanatory, although note that not all windows have a close button. You will have to click on the X button for them to close (supposing you opened them). There is a shortcut key to close the map in the readme. If in doubt, hit F1.

You can talk to NPCs by left-clicking on them (just click on Mac). You should probably start by talking to Ian.

After that, you will want to look over your inventory and things, but don't waste too much time. Get started by killing maggots, the little white things that run around in numbers. If your health bar goes red, never fear - there is a lady by the gate called Elanore (south of where you start) who will heal you for free. But note that she won't be able to heal you forever. It's a routing process you will get used to - kill maggots, heal, keep killing maggots. Every time you level you will gain points to be able to increase various attributes. You can view and change these attributes by opening the "Status" window.
  • Strength: Makes you hit harder with melee weapons.
  • Agility: Makes your enemies hit you less often and increases your attack speed.
  • Vitality: Increases your maximum HP and your HP recovery rate. Decreases the amount of damage you receive from hits.
  • Intelligence: Increases your maximum MP and your MP recovery rate. Also affects some magic ability.
  • Dexterity: Makes you hit harder with bows. Makes you miss your enemies less often with both melee and bow weapons.
  • Luck: Determines the likelihood of both dealing and receiving critical hits.

(More information on Stats)

Aside from the desert land you start off with, there are quite a few different areas in The Mana World. You will have a chance to find these areas on your own. There are also many different weapons you can use besides what you start off with. Keep your eyes peeled at any shops you come across (maggots also drop something useful - a dagger, which hits considerably more than the knife you start off with (See the Item Reference for more details).

One thing you will notice if you invest hours every day into the game, is that you'll eventually run out of things to do. While we're constantly adding to the game with maps, quests, and NPCs. We really cannot keep up with demand. If you would like to help with this though, feel free to join the project! It is as simple as that, and you play the game, not us, so we don't know what you would like to see and your opinion matters to us. See Joining the project for details.

For further reading, including all current quests and items, please see Quests or Items.