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The open source nature of The Mana World (TMW) allows anyone to use it as a base for creating their own game. A lot of teams have made use of this opportunity to develop their own games. Projects listed on this page do not work with the official client. Projects that work with the official client are listed in the Servers.

Active forks

These are projects which are still in active development.


A fork of TMW based on the eAthena branch with most of its contents from the original TMW, and plenty of custom content.

Evol Online

Evol Online is a free and open source 2D MMORPG set inside a fantasy world. The main purpose of the games developers is to make the game evolve by adding new content regularly and making the game more complex and more enjoyable for the players.

Inactive forks

These are projects which are unfortunately, not in active development anymore.

Sirus Online

An eAthena-based branch formed by people frustrated with the management of Endless Online. It had a good start until most of its players and some developers prefer to play and develop the original TMW.


A project very similar in scope to TMW, although programmed in C# instead of C++. When the development slowed down due to insufficient manpower, developers attempted to rescue the project by using TMWserv and the TMW client, which were already too developed. Unfortunately, it did not turn out so well.

Mundo Dos Dragões ( World of Dragons )

A Brazilian fork of TMW based on the eAthena branch with a completely new game world made from RPGMaker tiles.

My Path Online

A fork of Mana based on the Manaserv branch with a completely redesigned world using both TMW tiles and many other custom tiles around the world.