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This article contains information for players or people interested in playing The Mana World

This is the FAQ for The Mana World. If you have a question, search for it in the Table of Contents. If you cannot find it, please post it on the forums, after having previously searched for similar threads.

Please remember this wiki still contains old information. Check the time of a page's last edit.

Support questions

Does TMW have an IRC channel?


Join #themanaworld on irc.platinum.edu.pl

Is my platform supported?

Look in Ports.

Where can I look for help?

The IRC channel, #tmw-support, is a good start for solving small problems or doubts. Most people are from Europe (UTC or UTC+1 timezones), or the Americas (mostly UTC-5 to UTC-8), you will have more success at certain hours in the day. Please do not log out if you do not get an answer immediately.

For more complex problems (compilations problems, crashes...) it is advisable to use the forums, as it is a non-volatile way of storing your claims. If you do it in IRC, some people won't have the opportunity to read them and your opportunity of getting further help will be narrowed. At the same time posting long logs or reports on IRC is not polite.

Of course, using the search feature and reading the forum announcements is a smart thing to do.

When is this game updated?

This has several answers.

The Mana client has a relatively slow release schedule - it was about 2 years after the last TMW client,, before the Mana team released 0.5.

For content things are much faster, usually around a month, although it varies quite a bit. Some content updates are minor - map fixes, dialog tweaks, etc. - whereas other add new quests or areas.

I want to help, how do I join the team?

First, if you are a developer read this: Joining the project.

If you're a graphic artist is suggested you read the Guidelines and take a look at the Graphics section on the front page.

If you want to help coding some scripts or managing server content, read the Jobs postings subforum.

If you just want to suggest something, use the Suggestions/Feedback subforum.

The game has become boring, what now?

Features, Quests, and the game in general is developed by volunteers through a decision-making process based on a real committee. Join the discussion on http://forums.themanaworld.net or irc.platinum.edu.pl #themanaworld

At the time of this writing there are only a few participants in local development. The other developers have gone to the .Org server. A game is only as good as its community, you represent it.

Game-related questions

I'm a bit lost... How do I start?

There is an article specifically about this: Getting started. For a more detailed guide to the quests and items, see the Walkthrough.

What are the keyboard shortcuts?

See the README file that came with your install for the list or press F1 while in game to see the help. The shortcut keys are configurable.

How do I choose my stats?

  • Strength: Makes you hit harder with melee weapons.
  • Agility: Makes your enemies hit you less often and increases your attack speed.
  • Vitality: Increases your maximum HP and your HP recovery rate. Decreases the amount of damage you receive from hits.
  • Intelligence: Increases your maximum MP and your MP recovery rate. This stat also determines what type of potions you receive when you put herbs in Caul's cauldron, and it increases the power of certain spells.
  • Dexterity: Makes you hit harder with bows. Makes you miss your enemies less often with both melee and bow weapons.
  • Luck: Makes you do critical hits from time to time.

For further reading see Stats.

What are the different skills?

In game, you have three types of Skills.

The Basic Skills are needed to build relationships between you and other players in game:

  • Emote Skill: Gives you the possibility of using emotes.
  • Trade Skill: Gives you the ability to trade with other players. Think before trading your stuff!
  • Party Skill: Gives you the possibility to enter or create a group with other players.

You will also be able to learn the Magic Skills throughout the game.

  • General Magic Skill: First form of magic which will give you the ability to learn other forms of magic.
  • Life Magic Skill: Very useful if you intend to heal other players.
  • War Magic Skill: This will give you the possibility to cast some painful spells.
  • Transmutation Magic Skill: This skill gives you the possibility to transmute some items in other items.
  • Nature Magic Skill: You will learn to communicate with the nature using spells.
  • Astral Magic Skill: This is another skill leading to some new spells.

Finally, you will win some Focus Skills by doing some quests in game, these skills are to be focused on before being able to use them. You currently can only focus on one at a time. Choose your stats correctly depending on the skill you choose:

  • Focusing Skills: This skill will give you the possibility to focus on other skills.
  • Brawling Skill: You hands will be as powerful as weapons.
  • Speed Skill: You will be able to walk and hit faster.
  • Resist Poison Skill: This skill makes you resist against poison.
  • Astral Soul Skill: If you want to be a mage, this skill is the most useful one in game.
  • Mallard's Eye Skill: Made for archers, this skill increases your bow range and damage.

For more informations, visit the Skills page.

What are MP for?

MP stands for "Magic Points", therefore, these are the points used to cast some magic spells.

Common problems

When I try to login using the account that usually works, I get following message: Disconnected from server

The message is misleading. It means that the game server is not online at the moment. Try again later.

If you really want to make sure, make sure you're trying to connect to server.themanaworld.org and that the port in your config.xml is set to 6901.

If that is the case and you still are not convinced it really is down, run "ping -c1 <host>" to check if the server's machine is up at or run "telnet <host> <port>" to also check if the server software is listening on the port you specified. Telnet should timeout after a while if it cannot connect to the specific port on the host.

I heard the characters will be deleted when you move to the new server. Is that true?

No. Characters will not be deleted. Characters will not be migrated either. The way the two servers work are too different to make a migration of the player database reasonably possible. Both new and old servers will be available in the future. Your choice on which to play on.