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Because TMW is smaller and more personal than many other MMORPGs, the structure of the economy is slightly different. For one thing, player-to-player trading is more difficult. Also, it is less effective to "buy" prestige through rare items.

Profitable to sell to shops

Item Monster Selling Price (GP)
Root Log Head 200
Iron Potion Spiky Mushroom 250
Miner Hat Red Slime 400
Boots Red Slime, Quest 500
Dagger Bat, Fire Goblin 500
Fancy Hat Red Scorpion, Snake, Quest 800
Miner Gloves Red Slime 1,000
Pearl Sea Slime 3,000

Killing bats are no longer an easy way to make money by selling to NPCs, although Arkim proposes a very short, valuable and redoable forever quest, if you're at least level 20 (see also the Daily Quests page).

The Bat Wings (30%) can be sold in great quantities to other players at a low price using ManaMarket. Bats also drop Bat Teeth (20%) which are not valuable anymore, unlike the Daggers (0.7%). They also drop Maggot Slimes (8%) and Bug Legs (4%), both which are magic supplies. Combined with the relative ease of killing them, bats are an easy way for patient people to make money. The Bats are more numerous in the cave at the west of Hurnscald.

Other good targets that drop magic supplies are for example Fire Goblins (Pile Of Ash), Squirrels (Herbs) and Log Heads (Roots, Logs).

In addition, as soon as you are strong enough, it is possible to focus on Yellow Slimes (Iron Ore), Sea Slimes (Concentration Potion, Pearl) and Red Slimes (Boots, Dagger, Miner Gloves, Leather Shirt, Miner Hat, Ruby).

Profitable to trade with other players

Magic Ingredients Ashes, Hard Spikes, Iron Powders, Raw Logs, Roots, Small Mushrooms, Sulphur Powders
Quest Items Black Scorpion Stingers, Coal, Iron Ingot, Iron Ore, Raw Logs, Snake Skins, Snake Tongues (Regular, Mountain, Grass, Cave), White Fur
Miscellaneous Bones, Diseased Hearts, Herbs, Terranite Ores, Gems (Ruby, Topaz, etc...)

Commonly traded items

Item Trading Price (GP)
Snake Skin 1,500 → 4,000
Iron Ore 1,500 → 3,000
Coal 500 → 1000

Rare drop items

These are obtainable as rare drops, which are usually considered with a drop rate of less than 1%.

Item Monster (Drop Rate %) Trading Price (GP)
Jeans Shorts Cave Snake (0.4) 8,000 → 14,000
Infantry Helmet Spider (0.2), Huntsman Spider (1.0) 4,000 → 8,000
Leather Gloves Mountain Snake (0.2), Fallen (0.35) 5,000 → 10,000
Jeans Chaps Quest 35,000 → 70,000
Warlord Helmet Fallen (0.03) 150,000 → 250,000
Warlord Plate Fallen (0.02) 200,000 → 350,000
Four-Leaf Clover Clover Patch (0.05) 150,000 → 250,000

Jack'O drops

These items are dropped from one of the most powerful monster in game, Jack'O. They are not rare drops but are difficult to be obtained due to the difficulty to kill this monster. These items can be bought or sold at around 3,000 GP.

  • Axe Hat
  • Bandanna
  • Circlet
  • Ranger Hat
  • Pirate Hat
  • Pumpkin Helmet
  • V-Neck Sweater
  • Jack O Soul

Rare items

Items from past events occuring throughout the years such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

  • Jester Mask
  • Opera Mask
  • Red Christmas Stocking
  • Witch Hat

Legendary items

Items from various events. These are so difficult to find that they are rarely bought or sold at all. For our purposes, they are priceless.

  • Bottle of Sand
  • Eyepatch
  • Hints
  • Scarab Armlet