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This article contains information for Artists working or interested in working for The Mana World

Anyone with a personal art project may add it under Works in Progress, with or without the approval the development team. If you no longer wish to work on a project you have begun, please move it to the Works Not In Progress section.

Anyone interested in undertaking a required project should, in order of preference, contact the leader of the project for which the art is required, post in the forum thread relevant to the project or contact the art lead.

Developers requiring art for their projects should make an entry under "Required Art" with a link to a forum [REQ] thread.

Required Art

Assigned to Project Due by Priority
Thermin (tiles and NPCs)  ? high
Barbarians (NPCs)  ? high
Crypt floor (tiles)  ? high
Wolf (mob sprite)  ? moderate
Warrior & Savior's Armors (equipment sprites)  ? moderate
Remake of the Tulimshar walls (tiles)  ? moderate
Long Pants (equipment sprite)  ? moderate
Yellow Plum and Cherry (item icons)  ? low
Snake Lord (mob sprite)  ? low
Snakeskin armour (equipment sprites)  ? low

Works in Progress

Artist Project Percent complete Estimated time of completion Next project
Bcs86 K4 indeterminate VerySoonNow(TM) De-uglification

Works Not in Progress

Previous artist Project Died
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